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I Wish I Was Never Born

“I Wish I Was Never Born” is a photography project that explores my thoughts, feelings, psychological states, and experiences about my having an existential crisis. An existential crisis, by definition, refers to the ensemble of feelings and questions we have to do with the meaning and purpose of our life.

Using staged portraits, family archival images, and found objects, the project illustrates the conversations with myself about my childhood, past traumas of family violence, memories, and relationships with my family. This photographic work also serves as a method of healing / relieving process from my anxiety. As human beings, we all want to look perfect, fabulous, and superior all the time but we all have our own vulnerabilities that we don’t want to show or recognize. But I want to recognize my vulnerabilities and seek comfort through my work.

I tried different approaches of storytelling as different chapters in this same body of work to portray this complicated feeling of existential crisis. I felt like by allowing myself to tell the stories in different ways, I will get much more space, comfort, and freedom to involve with my stories.

N:B: Looking for sponsor / publishing opportunities.

It is not a commercial book and not printed through any press or publisher. The idea was to create sort of a visual diary. If you want to see and experience this, you have to contact me and see it live. I would love to make it available commercially. If I get any sponsor opportunities from any publisher in or outside of Bangladesh, I would be happy to make it in a long production. Also, the project is a very personal story and comes from personal experiences. This project requires its viewers to be sensitive and open-minded.

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