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Challisha ; In Remembrance of My Grandfather

Challisha is an event for the Muslim people, where the friends and relatives of the dead gather after 40 days to read the Quran, make dua for him, and remember him.

My grandfather died on 31st February, 2019. I didn't make any album or any kinds of photos of my grandparents throughout my entire life. But after my grandfather's death, when our family arranged Challisha of my grandfather, I went to my village to attend the challisha of my grandfather, and I decided to make an album on this event that was so close to our heart. We stayed there for two days and one night, and I tried to make an album in that short period of time, which we all can relate to. At first, I began to take some photos of this event for archival purposes and include some photos in our family album as a token of that event's memories. But gradually, I started to make a photo story out of those photos afterward. I gave each photo a caption for understanding what's going on in the photos. I am dedicating this album to my grandfather.

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